After you’ve selected the dress of your dreams at jo Leo Bridal in Carmel-by-the-Sea, you will start diving into some of the fine details that will make up your big day. One of the most critical details you will need to choose will be your bridal bouquet. Choosing the right flowers and bouquet type can be a daunting task because of the endless choices that are available year-round. In this post, we’ll explore trending wedding bouquet flowers for each season and provide tips on which types of bouquets work best with different wedding dress styles.

Flowers for Spring Weddings

Spring is a season of new beginnings, making it the perfect time for fresh, colorful flowers. When selecting your wedding flowers, considering their symbolism can help you make the right decision. Daffodils represent new beginnings and springtime, while tulips are a symbol of love, passion, and beauty. Hyacinths are a symbol of faith, hope, and love and have a sweet, delicate fragrance that makes them perfect for wedding centerpieces. Irises are often used in wedding bouquets to represent the strength and commitment of the couple, while lilies of the valley represent purity, innocence, and sweetness.

For a spring wedding, a round bouquet made of pastel-colored tulips or a cascade bouquet with irises and lilies of the valley would be stunning choices.

Flowers for Summer Weddings

Summer weddings are all about bright colors and bold blooms. Summer brides often choose to embrace the vibrance of the season and their floral options are vast. Roses are the most popular wedding flower of all time and are a symbol of love, beauty, and romance. Sunflowers are often used in wedding bouquets to represent the bright future of the couple, while dahlias are a symbol of abundance, prosperity, and good luck. Lavender is a symbol of love, fidelity, and devotion and has a sweet, calming fragrance that makes it perfect for wedding ceremonies. Orchids are a symbol of beauty, luxury, and sophistication and come in a variety of colors, making them easy to match with any wedding theme.

For a summer wedding, a hand-tied bouquet of vibrant sunflowers or a posy bouquet of lavender and roses would be perfect.

Flowers for Fall Weddings

Fall weddings are all about rich, warm tones and rustic charm. As one of the most up-and-coming seasons to get married, Fall brides are breaking the mold with modern takes on classic florals. Chrysanthemums represent long life, happiness, and good fortune, while marigolds are a symbol of passion, love, and devotion. Cosmos are a symbol of innocence, purity, and simplicity, while pumpkins are a symbol of fall, harvest, and abundance. Cranberries are often used in wedding centerpieces to add a touch of color and texture.

For a fall wedding, a nosegay bouquet of cranberries and pumpkins or a cascade bouquet of chrysanthemums and marigolds would be perfect.

Flowers for Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are all about elegance and sophistication. Known for black tie affairs, Winter weddings are the perfect time for brides to embrace tradition and timeless beauty. Snowdrops are often used in wedding bouquets to represent the hope and promise of a new life together, while hydrangeas are a symbol of love, beauty, and abundance. Amaryllis is a symbol of passion, love, and beauty and has a long-lasting bloom that makes it perfect for wedding centerpieces. Candles are often used in wedding ceremonies and receptions to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while mistletoe is often used in wedding ceremonies to represent the union of the couple.

For a winter wedding, a round bouquet of white hydrangeas or a cascade bouquet of amaryllis and mistletoe would be stunning choices.

Bouquet Types to Complement Your Luxury jo Leo Bridal Gown

Your jo Leo bridal gown was chosen with your personal style and wedding vision in mind. When it comes to choosing your bridal bouquet you will want to consider that same vision and choose flowers that align and compliment it. In addition to considering your style and desired aesthetic, it’s important to consider the venue, formality and logistics of the wedding. Here are some popular bouquet types to consider:

  • Round Bouquet: This is one of the most traditional bouquet types and is a favorite for classic and formal wedding styles. Its rounded shape should be perfectly symmetrical when viewed from the side and above, with all of the flowers at an even height. To finish, the bouquet stems are tightly wrapped with satin or other ribbon. A round bouquet made of roses or hydrangeas would be perfect for a formal wedding.
  • Posy Bouquet: Typically round in shape, this bouquet is a popular choice for modern brides as it is easy to handle and often small enough to be carried in one hand. A posy bouquet made of lavender or sunflowers would be perfect for a modern wedding.
  • Cascade Bouquet: This type of bouquet features flowers that trail downward from the main bouquet design. It’s perfect for formal weddings and can be made with any type of flower. A cascade bouquet made of irises or lilies of the valley would be stunning for a spring wedding.
  • Hand-tied Bouquet: This type of bouquet is perfect for rustic or bohemian weddings. It’s made by tying together a bunch of flowers with twine or ribbon. A hand-tied bouquet made of dahlias or sunflowers would be perfect for a bohemian wedding.
  • Nosegay Bouquet: This type of bouquet is small and compact, usually consisting of one type of flower with greenery added in for texture. A nosegay bouquet made of marigolds or cosmos would be perfect for a fall wedding.

The important questions to consider when beginning to make selections and choose styles are:

  • What is the overall style or theme of your wedding?
  • Are there any specific colors you are incorporating into your wedding decor?
  • Do you have any preferences for the shape or size of your bouquet?
  • Are there any specific flowers that hold personal meaning for you or your partner?

We hope this has given you a head start in considering which flowers and bouquet types you might want for your special day. Remember to consider incorporating flowers that have personal meaning for you, your partner, or your parents.

When you schedule your appointment at jo Leo Bridal salon, our expert consultants will work with you to select a designer wedding gown that captures your unique personality and vision. As part of the consultation process, our bridal consultants can even recommend local florists whose work they admire.

Don’t hesitate to contact jo Leo Bridal, your luxury Carmel-by-the-Sea bridal boutique today to schedule an appointment. Your first step toward creating a perfect wedding is finding your dream designer wedding dress at jo Leo Bridal.

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