A wedding is often the first and only time a woman will wear a veil. Wedding veils have been a part of wedding attire for centuries, and in the past were heavily associated with a bride’s purity and modesty. Today, wedding veils are still an important part of the bridal look. Veils come in a wide range of styles, lengths, and materials, offering brides numerous options to choose from to create the perfect look for their special day.

Hand-Made Designer Veils at jo Leo Bridal

Just as a couture wedding dress is made by hand and painstakingly crafted to perfection, so are handmade wedding or bridal veils. Our exclusive European designer veils use the highest quality materials. Once you’ve selected your jo Leo Bridal gown, our team of bridal consultants will help you choose the perfect veil to not only compliment your gown, but to achieve your bridal vision.

Short Veils:

Short veils, including birdcage veils, blusher veils, shoulder-length veils, and flyaway veils, are versatile and offer a modern aesthetic. Birdcage veils measure about nine inches and cover only part of your face, while blusher veils are thin and cover only your face, usually worn over a longer veil. Shoulder-length veils fall just below the bride’s shoulders, and flyaway veils are the shortest veils, with a maximum length of approximately 20 inches. They are simple, wispy, usually multi-layered, and have a modern appeal.

Advantages of wearing a short veil

Advantages of wearing a short veil include being more practical, affordable, and modern. They are also more versatile than long veils. Shorter veils allow luxury wedding dress details to be more visible and not hidden by a veil.

Medium Veils:

Medium veils, including fingertip-length veils, mantilla veils, and elbow-length veils, offer a classic and timeless choice that flatters all body types. Fingertip-length veils fall to the bride’s fingertips and are a popular choice for those who want a veil that’s not too long but still has some length. Mantilla veils are made of lace and are worn over the head and shoulders, offering a traditional and elegant choice.

Advantages of wearing a medium wedding veil
Advantages of wearing a medium veil include versatility, classic and timeless style, and being easy to walk and dance in.

Long Veils:

Long veils, including ballet veils, chapel veils, and cathedral veils, offer a dramatic and timeless choice that adds sophistication to a bride’s wedding day look. Ballet veils are slightly shorter than chapel veils, measuring 54 to 72 inches in length, and are a popular choice for brides who want a romantic and versatile veil. Chapel veils measure 72 to 96 inches in length and offer a classic and timeless choice that is perfect for those who want an elegant and understated look. Cathedral veils are the longest type of veil, typically measuring 96 inches or more in length, and are a dramatic and elegant choice for brides who want to make a statement on their special day.

Advantages of wearing a long wedding veil

Advantages of wearing a long veil include creating a sense of mystery, hiding flaws in hair and makeup, keeping cool on a hot day, adding a statement element to a simpler gown and making wedding day photos more memorable.

How To Choose The Right Style of Wedding Veil

Choosing the right wedding veil is an essential part of creating the perfect bridal look. Your jo Leo bridal consultant can help you determine the best type and length of veil for your dress length, wedding dress style, personal style and the formality of your wedding. Your consultant will also help you determine the practical advantages and disadvantages of specific veil lengths and types based on the location of your wedding. Many of our luxury designers also have a selection of handmade veils designed for specific collections for you to consider.

Try on Different Styles of Veils at your Consultation

Trying on different veil styles and lengths is the best way to find the perfect veil for your wedding day. The style and length that look best on you may differ from what you initially thought. It’s also important to try on your veil with your couture wedding dress to see how they complement each other.

When choosing the perfect veil, consider your personal style, dress length, wedding location, budget, religious beliefs, and try on different styles to find the one that complements your wedding dress and overall bridal style. Remember to add personal touches to your veil to make it uniquely yours and enhance your bridal style.

Book your personalized bridal appointment to find your couture wedding gown and find your veil from among our large selection of handmade veils.

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